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So when you work in Australia you will need to pay tax and lot of people are unclear around all these issues so we wanted to set all out here for you.
The rate of tax that you will pay in Australia will be determined by how you fill in your tax file declaration form* but the rate will be between 13% and 32.5%.
This will be deducted by your employer at the end of each pay cycle and passed to the ATO (Australian Tax Office)
The good news is that some or all of this money in the majority of cases can be claimed back either when you are leaving the country or at the end of the tax year (30th June) depending on which one comes first.

How can I get my Tax Refund Early via an “Early Assessment”

Maybe people are not aware that they can file for this in the middle of the tax year (between July and June) so for example if you are leaving in Australia in March you can apply for your refund then, you don’t need to wait until the year end (30th June) as you can file what is called an ‘early assessment’ however you need to allow for longer processing as an early assessment will take 6-8 weeks whereas applications in July take 10-12 business days.
We have teamed up with working holiday tax expert’s to help you with all these matters and as a Fruit Picking Jobs member you will also qualify for a special members discount with fees for income refunds being capped at $159.

Free No Obligation Tax Estimate also offer all Fruit Picking Jobs members a free no obligation tax estimation and you can see what you are due but filling is some simple details here.


Finalising your Refund

If you choose to proceed with in order to finalise the application you will need to supply the following:
• Completed application form
• All payslips/PAYG summaries for all jobs
• Copy of photo ID

What is the Average Refund?

Average working holiday maker refunds for customers is $2600 – that’s a lot of money so get in touch today and see what you are due and REMEMBER if you are leaving early you can get your tax refund early too.
If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.
* Please also take not of the following. The tax file declaration form is a form that you will fill in when you start a new job and the rate of tax that you will pay is determined by how you complete question 7 which reads ‘Are you an Australian resident for tax purposes?’. It is very important that you understand this question and the implications of how you answer, by answering ‘yes’ you will pay the resident tax rate (lower rate) but you should not be ticking yes to this box for at least your first 6 months in Australia as one of the key requirements to being deemed resident for tax purposed is that you have resided in Australia for 183 days, ticking that you are a resident in advance of this can lead to issues when it comes to filing your tax return.

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  1. Erin

    Am I able to claim my taxes even if I am not in the country?

    • Dimitri

      Hi Erin,

      I’ve sent you an email but yes, in short yes, you can use the form above if you wish :)




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