Backpacker Tax Refund Calculator

Are you on a working holiday? Wondering how much tax you’re going to get back come tax time? Well check out the fruit picking jobs backpacker tax refund calculator!   You can claim your tax refund now and don’t forgot to claim your super refund if you’re leaving the country soon.


Located approximately 450km south west of Sydney and 725 metres above sea level, Batlow is surrounded by numerous orchards and in recent years has earnt the reputation as one of Australia’s premier producers of apples, pears, cherries, berries and stonefruits. Most famously Batlow is known for the Big Apple. It’s so big that it rises above the trees of the orchard.   Fruit Picking Work in Batlow March to May – Apples June to November – Tree pruning October to April – Stonefruit December to January – Cherries Fruit Picking Jobs in Batlow Fruit Picking Jobs in New South Wales Read more


Bourke is situated in Western New South Wales at the crossroads of the Mitchell Highway, Kamilaroi Highway and the Kidman Way. A thriving country town known for it’s large wool, cotton and citrus production. There’s also many things to see of historical interest including the Afghan Mosque/Cemetary, The Bourke Weir and the Cobb & Co heritage trail to name a few.   Fruit Picking Work in Bourke January to May – Melons April to May – Cotton picking, cotton ginning May to June – Vine pruning May to September – Citrus November to January – Grapes December to February – Read more


A 30 minute drive north of Brisbane, Caboolture is strawberry picking country. Known as one of Australia’s largest strawberry picking regions you will find planting and picking work from March – November. There is an airfield so in town, so make sure you go gliding or sky diving, which is always good fun!   Fruit Picking Work in Caboolture February to November – Pineapples March to April – Strawberry planting June to November – Strawberry picking Fruit Picking Jobs in Caboolture Fruit Picking Jobs in Queensland Where’s Caboolture Getting There The story of Queensland driving is the Bruce Highway and Read more


Chinchilla is known as the “Melon Capital” of Australia , with approximately 25% of Australia’s watermelon crop produced here. There’s no beaches in Chinchilla but don’t worry there’s water-skiing, canoeing and many other great activities to get stuck into during your spare time.   Fruit Picking Work in Chinchilla December to April – Watermelons and Rockmelons November – Onions Fruit Picking Jobs in Chinchilla Fruit Picking Jobs in Queensland Where’s Chinchilla Getting There The Warrego Highway will get you in from Brissy in about 3.5hours, while the D’Aguilar Highway will sort you out in 4hours if coming from the Sunny Read more


Originally settled in 1880 when gold and minerals were discovered in the region, Dimbulah is located in Northern Queensland about 100km west of Cairns. The main fruits and vegetables in the region are Paw Paws, Longans, Avocados, Lychees and mMngoes, during summer and autumn their’s work on offer!   Fruit Picking Work in Dimbulah February to March – Longans February to April – Avocados November to January – Lychees, mangoes Fruit Picking Jobs in Dimbulah Fruit Picking Jobs in Queensland Where’s Dimbulhah Getting There Some Highway different Place, the Bruce will get you there. Dimbulah is 1,800km north of Brisbane, Read more


Now your really going inland, Dirranbandi is 600km west of Brisbane and the nearest major town is St George 1.5 hr half drive away. Your not going to get fruit picking work here instead you will find cotton picking and ginning jobs. Dirranbandi is also known for its wool production, fancy a shearing job? Did you know Dirranbandi is said to be an Aboriginal word meaning “swamp abounding in frogs and waterfowl”   Fruit Picking Work in Dirranbandi March to May – Cotton picking & Cotton Ginning Fruit Picking Jobs in Dirranbandi Fruit Picking Jobs in Queensland Where’s Dirranbandi Getting Read more


A modern country town that now supplies approximately 25% of Queensland cotton. Emerald is also a popular cattle growing area but you will also find work picking Grapes, Melons & citrus fruits. Their is an fossilised tree aged at 250 million years old at the Emerald Town hall, make you sure check that out!   Fruit Picking Work in Emerald March to May – Cotton picking & Cotton ginning March to September – Citrus April to December – Melons May to June – Vine pruning October to December – Grapes Fruit Picking Jobs in Emerald Fruit Picking Jobs in Queensland Read more


Located between Brisbane and Tooowoomba, Gatton is a town with plenty of fruit picking and harvest work on offer. You will be able to find work picking beans, peas, potatoes, capsicums, zucchinis, melons along with farm work. There’s heaps to do in your spare time, hot balloon rides over the scenic region or sky diving for the thrill seekers!   Fruit Picking Crops in Gatton March to April – Sweet potatoes & Beans (June) May to September – Snow peas May to October – Celery, Chinese cabbage May to November – Cabbage, cauliflower,lettuce, broccoli,Potatoes, beetroot July to November – Carrots August Read more


It’s all about the Oranges in Gayndah, with many referring to the Region as the ” Orange capital of Queensland”. Being a small rural town it would be smart to have your own car and camping gear and I would even go as far as calling the local recruitment agency before arriving. Also weather can be wet and damp in some parts of the peak season so make sure you have some wet and warm work gear.   Fruit Picking Work in Gayndah March to September – Citrus November to March – Citrus pruning Fruit Picking Jobs in Gayndah Fruit Read more