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Superannuation is the government pension scheme in Australia. Generally, if you’re earning more than $450 per month in Oz, your employer is required to contribute the equivalent of 9.5% of your income to a superannuation fund for you. *
Working Holiday Super is a superannuation account specifically tailored with Working Holiday Makers in mind.

working holiday super


A Working Holiday Super account has these key benefits:    

• Competitive cost
• Easy online set up
• Designed especially for Working Holiday Makers


Working Holiday Super know that Working Holiday Makers have different requirements to Australian residents whose superannuation is generally to provide for their retirement.

Working Holiday Makers are generally in Australia for temporary periods up to two years and when departing Australia are entitled generally entitled to file for a refund of their superannuation. With this in mind Working Holiday Super has developed a simple online process for consolidating all super accounts and have also teamed up with to ensure that the super refund process at the end of your Working Holiday Visa is easy.

If you have just arrived in Australia and need to set up a super account or if you have been here for some time and need to find where all your super is – Working Holiday Super can help.

Register today and join other Working Holiday Makers who have opted for the account that was created with their needs in mind



*you can claim super benefits you have accumulated while working in Australia if all of the follow apply:
(1) you visited on the temporary visa (excluding visa subclasses 405 and 410)
(2) your visa has ceased to be in effect
(3) you have left Australia.

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