There’s so many questions you’ll have when Fruit Picking? Where’s the best place to work? How long do I have to do “rural work” to get the 2nd Working Holiday Visa? How can I get a Tax File Number? What does my visa entitle me too? And the list goes on, here you’ll find information that will help you along the way.


Bank Account

NAB Bank Account Setup
At NAB you’ll never pay monthly fees, regardless of how much is in your account. National Australia Bank Group has over 12,000,000 customers and 50,000 people, operating more than 1,750 stores and Service Centres globally and 3,400 Redi ATMS.
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Tax Refund

Tax Refund
Fruit Picking means making money, which equals paying Tax, but what are you’re rights? Are you entitled to a Tax Refund and if so, how much? Are you a resident for Tax Purposes? When can you get your refund? Our Tax Section will help you find all the answers.
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Fruit Picking

Fruit Picking
Fruit Picking, the 417 Visa’s best friend. Infamously known for extending the 417 Working Holiday Visa, fruit picking or specified work will be a foreign experience for many people. All the information you require to get on the right track will be at your fingertips.
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Visa Information
Visa’s are big talking point, are you on the 417 Working Holiday Visa or the 462 Work and Holiday Visa, have you completed 88 days of specified work? How many times can you re-enter Australia? Where can you be when applying for your Working Holiday Visa?
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