To work in Australia you will need an eligible visa if you’re not an Australian Citizen/ Resident. Immigration and visa’s is no simple matter and you must comply to the conditions off your visa. This area is dedicated to helping you find the information to answer your visa related questions.

Working Holiday Visa

Known as the Working Holiday ( 417) or Work & Holiday ( 462) which entitles holders to work and live in Australia for up to one year but no longer than 6 months with any one employer. This is a great way work and travel around Australia.

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Visa Subclass 417

The 417 Working Holiday Visa enables holders to Work and Holiday in Australia for up to one year. This visa also has the option to obtain a second year visa if the holders completes 88 days of specified work in a “rural” area.

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Visa Subclass 462

The 462 Work and Holiday visa allows holders to work and holiday in Australia for a year, with up to 6 months at any one employer. Unfortunately you can’t apply for the 2nd WHV if on the 462 Visa.

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Extend Your Working Holiday Visa

Want to know everything about extending your 417 Working Holiday Visa? There’s only certain type’s of jobs you can do, in certain ” postcode” approved areas around Australia. Make sure you read this area before commencing your rural work.

Extend Your Working Holiday Visa

Second Working Holiday Visa

Have you done your 88 days specified work / fruit picking in a “rural” area on the postcode list? If so get your application in for the 2nd Working Holiday Visa so you can stay in Australia another year!

Second Working Holiday Visa