Work With Vegetables

Vegetable picking included a large number of different types of ” vegetables” that are commonly harvested across Australia. Pumpkin, Celery, Potatoes, Asparagus, Onions and the list goes on . You will be able to find a harvest job all year round Australia given the climate and the wide array of vegetables on offer.    Vegetable Picking Tips Vegetables depending on the size can involve a lot of hard work and bending. Larger vegetables like pumpkins can even involve a lot of carrying. Ensure to learn the correct technique, you don’t want to injure yourself while working. Asparagus – you should Read more

Work With Citrus

Citrus is a large family of fruits including Lemons, Mandarins, Limes, oranges and grape fruit and are harvest in many locations all across Australia. They are the most popular fruit bearing plant specie grown in Australia. With beautiful green foliage the colourful fruit make these trees as good for harvesting as they do for decoration for an outdoor space.    Citrus Picking Tips Generally most citrus fruit can be harvested by twisting and pulling the fruit from the tree except for mandarins. The key is to learn the procedures in place at your farm and stick to them. Slowly but Read more

Work With Beans

Beans are a certainly a warmer weather crop, and can’t really handle any frost nor cold soil / colder conditions.    Bean Picking Tips There’s a few different ways to harvest beans, especially depending on which type. One method is weather you are picking them as tender or dry beans. Ensure to consult with your manager on the best technique to maximise productivity.    Things you’ll need when Bean picking Work will be typically be in hot conditions so remember to stay cool and hydrated unless you’re working in a Greenhouse. Non slip sturdy footwear. Long Pants or Shorts Long-sleeved Read more

Work With Corn

Everyone loves corn and it’s a popular vegetable amongst Australians and 80-90% of corn is produced at a handful of extremely large farming operations across Australia. They will typically employ workers in large batches.    Corn Picking Tips Corn will be ready to be picked as soon as the ears have completely filled out. ( sweet corn and roasting ears) The key is to talk with your harvest supervisor and learn when in their opinion the corn is ready for harvest and the best technique to do so.    Things you’ll need when Corn picking Work will be typically be Read more

Work With Longans

In many ways the longan somewhat resembles the Lychee, it’s flesh is white and it tastes a little bit like mango, sounds good to me. The seeds from longans are sometimes used in shampoo.    Longan Picking Tips Ripe longans are typically red-ish brown. As soon as the longan is identified as ready to harvest simply snip the main stem for each cluster. For harder to reach fruits a pruning pole may be required.    Things you’ll need when Longan picking Work will be typically be in hot conditions so remember to stay cool and hydrated unless you’re working in Read more

Work With Potato

Potatoes the Irish love them, the Incans burned them all so the Spanish couldn’t eat them but we all still love them. Potatoes are a commonly harvested vegetable across Australia. Another way to get your second year visa on a working holiday.    Potato Picking Tips When dug out by hand it’s important to be careful and not damage the potato as they can be quite soft. The key is to always keep learning on the job and enjoy yourself.    Things you’ll need when Potato picking Work will be typically be in hot conditions so remember to stay cool Read more

Work With Sugar Cane

Sugar cane can grow up to three meters tall depending is done by machine or person. It’s a member of the grass family and enjoys warm temperatures and the sweet juice it produces was well know in China and India some 2,500 years ago.    Sugar Cane Picking Tips Sugar cane harvesting is done either by hand or by machine. Hand cut cane is a strenious and dirty job for the fit and motivated worker. Machines are only used where land conditions are suitable ie the land is flat. The key is to learn from your boss and other coworkers Read more

Work With Nuts

Macadamia nuts, chestnuts amongst others are popular nuts which are harvested across various locations in Australia. A different option for the typical harvest trail follower / working holiday maker nut harvest is a fun and challenging task.    Nut Picking Tips An industry that is being taken over by mechanical pickers, manual pickers will still be required from time to time. Work can be hard, long tours and tiring and often in adverse weather conditions.    Nut Picking Locations Myrtleford Byron Bay Coffs Harbour Moree Robinvale Ballina Swan Hill    Things you’ll need when Nut picking Work will be typically Read more

Work With Cotton

Cotton Picking is an outdoor, typically remote rural outback job that many Australian and working holidaymakers will find themselves working in. Work can become hard during hot conditions but overall this a challenging way to see Australia, earn some money and really get a feel for the outback.    Cotton Picking Tips As there could be a lot of machinery on site remember to stay active and vocal with other workers and be aware of any hazards around you. Australia’s cotton growers typically obtain premium prices for cotton due to its high fibre quality. If you notice anything compromising quality Read more

Work With Hops

Hops are picked annually in February and March with a completely different process to most other fruits, here the vine is completed chopped and and taken into a warehouse / plant for picking. During the winter hop stringing occurs along with other administrative farm work to prepare the hops for harvest the following year.    Hope Picking and Stringing Tips Each farm is different but from what we understand first year hops can be harvested by hand but 2nd year hops can be cut from the bine. Please listen to your boss and continually ask for help if you are Read more