Work With Asparagus

Asparagus picking involves a lot of bending which can be strenuous on ones back due to the repetitive and tiring nature of the work. Work is typically done early in the morning before the conditions become too hot, we’ve also heard that some farmers prefer pickers to work at night with lights attached to their belts! Who would have thought?    Asparagus Picking Tips Remember to bend with your knees to alleviate stress on your back, this is crucial to avoid injury and ensure you’ll be to pick the entire harvest. If you’ve got a bad back or not into picking you Read more

Work With Mangoes

Picking Mangoes involves working long hours, doing repetitious tasks that can be physically demanding and lack excitement and intellectual stimulation. Ladders are often needed to reach mangoes perched high up in trees. Work will involve doing a fair amount of carrying and lifting.  If you’re not a fan of  hard work, a position in the packing sheds sorting the mangoes may be right up your alley!    Mango Picking Tips Mangoes are clipped from the tree in an unripe but mature condition. They are ready for picking when the background fruit colour transforms from a bright green to a dull greenish type Read more

Work With Apricots

Picking Apricots requires working long hours, doing repetitious tasks which are physically demanding and may lack excitement and intellectual stimulation. Ladders are required to reach many apricots, be prepared to do a fair amount of carrying,climbing ladders and lifting. If you’re not a fan of hard work, a position in the packing sheds sorting the apricots..    Apricot Picking Tips The best time to pick apricots  is when they separate easily from the twigs. It’s important to get this right as apricots won’t ripen further once pulled of the tree. After you’ve pulled the aprictot firmly off the branch place Read more

Work With Watermelons

Watermelon picking is physically demanding repetitious work. You may be harvesting the actual melons, which involves cutting them from the vine, otherwise you may be part of the transporting team which is responsible for moving the watermelons from the field to a vehicle. This often works like a production line where watermelons are thrown  from one person to another until they reach the car! If you’re not keen on hard work we suggest you steer clear.    Watermelon Picking Tips Knock the Watermelon, if it’s firm and it makes a hollow sound, the watermelon is ready to be cut from the vine. Read more

Work With Apples

Apples by comparrison  are definitely  one of the easiest fruits to pick. They’re extremely versatile and can be eaten  fresh, cooked, canned, frozen and made into some of the tastiest dishes.Working on an apple orchard involves picking but also packing the fruit, as apple trees can be tall and plentiful work can involve climbing up trees. Apple picking can involve long hours in the sun, as well as being repitious, tiring and very hard. If you haven’t had prior experience picking apples, you will be taught the correct technique onsite. Understanding how to use a picking ladder and the correct Read more

Vine Pruning Work

Having previous experience is always beneficial but due to the repetitive nature of the job you will work your way into it. The work itself is physically demanding whilst being quite technical, if you’ve had no prior experience your boss will be able to give you a few handy tips or show you the correct technique technique. Remember to talk to other fruit pickers at your accommodation and share your technique to aid your productivity and in turn your pay packer.    Vine Pruning Tips Remember that apples will ripen toward the center of the tree, so fruit on the outside of Read more

Work With Tomatoes

As the story goes, experience will certainly be an advantage when tomato picking. Once you get the hang of the technique your productivity will increase and day one will soon be forgotten. Work can be long, tiring and repetitive with extensive exposure to the sun, so remember to hydrate and stay cool!    Tomato Picking Tips It’s not rocket science when picking the tomatoes, simply grab the ripened fruit and twist it until it has been snapped off from the vine. You can also use clippers by cutting the stem extremely close to the tomato. The beauty with tomatoes is the ripen from the inside, so Read more