Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

Picking Apricots requires working long hours, doing repetitious tasks which are physically demanding and may lack excitement and intellectual stimulation. Ladders are required to reach many apricots, be prepared to do a fair amount of carrying,climbing ladders and lifting. If you’re not a fan of hard work, a position in the packing sheds sorting the apricots..

Apricot Picking Tips

The best time to pick apricots  is when they separate easily from the twigs. It’s important to get this right as apricots won’t ripen further once pulled of the tree. After you’ve pulled the aprictot firmly off the branch place it gently into the basket.

Things you’ll need

Work will be in hot conditions so remember to stay cool and hydrated unless you’re working in a Greenhouse.

  • Non slip sturdy footwear.
  • Long Pants or Shorts
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Broad Brimmed Hat
  • Sunscreen

Did you know?

Dreaming of apricots, is said to be good luck in English folklore


Pay Information

Pay rates are typically per piece, so the more apricots you pick, the more you’re going to earn. As you perfect your technique you’ll become more efficient and in turn increase the quantity you cut and pick. Hourly pay can range from $16-$20 per hour but per piece pay will vary from farm to farm.

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