Eurow Valley

Eurow Valley is located in Eugowra, New South Wales, that produces Mixed Livestock-crops and enterprises wool


is located in Evergreen, Queensland and produces Mixed Livestock-crops. They practice biological farming and the farm’s size is 160 acres and the enterprise consists of cattle and goat.

Horton Harvesting

Horton Harvesting is located in Oakey, Queensland. Their enterprise consists of Barley, Canola, Chickpeas, Field peas, Lentils, Lupins, Maize, Oats, Sorghum and Wheat.

Mt Pleasant

Mt Pleasant is located in Maroon, Queensland, and produces dairy.

Brymac Blueberries

Brymac Blueberries is located in Peachester, Queensland, and it’s a Horticulture based farm. They are are biodynamic blueberry & tea growers.

Poo Pastoral CO

Poo Pastoral CO is located in Montrose, Queensland, and they enterprise Breeding Poll Dorsets and White Dorpers, also dealing with Lambs, Sheep Meat and Wool.

Arabella Downs

Arabella Downs is located in Montrose, Queensland, and produces beef. The farm size is 486 Hectares and they are breeding and growing out a small number (less than 40) of mixed beef each year.

Linkin park Performance Horses

Linkin park Performance Horses is located in Lockyer, Queensland. It’s a small farm situated at the bottom of the Toowoomba range and they are breeders of Paints and Quarter Horses, soon to be growing lucern and breeding cattle.


Fairview is located in Cooranga North, Queensland and produces Milk, Oats and Wheat. The dairy farm size is 809 Hectares.


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