Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

Apples by comparrison  are definitely  one of the easiest fruits to pick. They’re extremely versatile and can be eaten  fresh, cooked, canned, frozen and made into some of the tastiest dishes.Working on an apple orchard involves picking but also packing the fruit, as apple trees can be tall and plentiful work can involve climbing up trees. Apple picking can involve long hours in the sun, as well as being repitious, tiring and very hard. If you haven’t had prior experience picking apples, you will be taught the correct technique onsite. Understanding how to use a picking ladder and the correct picking technique will make you more efficient as a picker which will result in a bigger pay cheque.

Apple Picking Tips

Remember that apples will ripen toward the center of the tree, so fruit on the outside of the tree will be reading for picking earlier. Smaller trees will be easier to pick, a good technique is to roll the apple upwards off the branch and then give it a little twist. Try not to shake the tree or branches as apples may fall everywhere, typically they will be fine to pick up but some can get bruised and will cause them to deteriorate quicker.

Apple Picking Locations

Renmark, Huonville, Batlow, Devonport
Cobram, Myrtleford, Richmond, Orange
Stanthorpe, Ulverstone, Tumbarumba
Berri, Barmera, Tumut, Donnybrook
Loxton, Forbes, Adelaide Hills, Yarra Valley
Manjimup, Burnie, Beechworth, Perth Hills
Coonawarra, Rutherglen, Mornington Peninsula
Shepparton, Launceston, Penola, Sydney Basin

Things you’ll need

Work will be in hot conditions so remember to stay cool and hydrated unless you’re working in a Greenhouse.

  • Non slip sturdy footwear.
  • Long Pants or Shorts
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Broad Brimmed Hat
  • Sunscreen

Did you know?

Apple trees don’t bear fruit until they are about four or five years old.


Pay Information

People new to fruit picking typically take a couple of days to develop their picking technique, during which time 2 to 4 bins per day would be expected. More experienced pickers can pick anything form 4 to 10 bins per day. The pay rate at plunkett orchads is $30 per bin, so there’s opportunity to earn a good quid!Some orchards pay an hourly rate where you can expect to earn $15-$20 per hour.

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