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Watermelon picking is physically demanding repetitious work. You may be harvesting the actual melons, which involves cutting them from the vine, otherwise you may be part of the transporting team which is responsible for moving the watermelons from the field to a vehicle. This often works like a production line where watermelons are thrown  from one person to another until they reach the car! If you’re not keen on hard work we suggest you steer clear.

Watermelon Picking Tips

Knock the Watermelon, if it’s firm and it makes a hollow sound, the watermelon is ready to be cut from the vine. Also the vine tendril should be starting to die, this is another good sign to determine whether or not the fruit is ready for harvest. The key is to communicate with your farmer and talk with others whether it be at your working hostel or caravan park, sharing techniques and information will help you improve.

Watermelon Picking Locations

Carnarvon, Bundaberg, Boonah
Darwin, St George, Bourke, Hay
Bowen, Kununurra, Gatton, Laidley
Katherine, Emerald, Ayr, Chinchilla

Things you’ll need

Work will be in hot conditions so remember to stay cool and hydrated unless you’re working in a Greenhouse.

  • Non slip sturdy footwear.
  • Long Pants or Shorts
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Broad Brimmed Hat
  • Sunscreen

Did you know?

Watermelon consists of 92% water and 8% sugar.Perfect for a hot summers day!
It’s also a very common expression among punters to stay you’re seeing them like ” Watermelons”


Pay Information

Pay rates are typically per piece, so the more watermelon you pick, the more you’re going to earn. This is often measured as a team, so it’s the collective effort that will be assessed. Sometimes weak team members will let you down, by the same token, strong team members will help you earn more. As  you all progress and perfect your technique you’ll become more efficient and in turn increase the quantity you cut and pick. Hourly pay can range from $16-$20 per hour but per piece pay will vary from farm to farm.

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