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Australia’s biggest supermarket retailer has signed a 17 million dollar deal which will see the import of frozen vegetables from Europe, China and New Zealand stopped. The company has committed to purchasing an extra 5,100 tonnes of Australian produce which include frozen peas, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and mixed vegetables from the Simplot plant in Devonport, Tasmania.

This will have great flow on effects to local farmers who will be able to expand their vegetable production which in turn means bigger harvests and more jobs. NSW Farms will benefit as Edgells corn factory in Bathurst supplies Simplot with sweet corn.

When Woolies switches their home brand peaches from South Africa to local produce from Goulbourn Valley they saw sales jump 40% nationally, talk about being patriotic. This is great for the Australian economy and also great for Australian farmers, harvest workers and fruit pickers with more jobs on the market.

Keep your eyes peeled on the Job Board over the coming months for positions in Tasmania.


The Fruit Picking Jobs Team.


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2 Responses to “Woolworths creates more Aussie Harvest Jobs”

  1. Stan Artikis

    Awesome, more jobs for us… and guess its good for the Australian economy. All companies should purchase local goods in my opinion, it helps their countries economy thrive. Anyway, great read and thanks.

    • Dimitri

      Cheers for the feedback Stan!

      Yeah great for the Aussie economy in my opinion. More jobs down in Tassie, bring it.


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