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According to the CSIRO, Coffs Harbour has the most liveable climate in Australia, so be sure to enjoy the many unspoiled beaches and scenic mountain backdrop. The Coffs Harbour’s economy is based mainly on banana farming, manufacturing and tourism. So remember to check out the Big Banana on the northern outskirts of the city to get a real insight into the banana farming industry.

Population: Approx 48,000 although this grows substantially in Summer months

Fruit Picking Work in Coffs Harbour

January to December – Bananas
May to October – Avocados
June to September – Custard apples
September to December – Stonefruit
October to December – Coffee
October to January – Blueberries

Fruit Picking Jobs in Coffs Harbour

Fruit Picking Jobs in New South Wales

Where’s Coffs Harbour

Getting There

The best way to get to Coffs is by plane as the city has a large airport that is regularly serviced by all major cities.

If you’ve got a car though, coming from Sydney will take about 6 hours or 550kms. From Brisbane it is around 5 hours or 427kms via the main highways.

If you don’t have a car and have more time, there is a train from Sydney and Brisbane.

Most major bus companies will also have a service along the east coast of the country that will go via Coffs Harbour.



Being a large regional centre, Coffs has all types of budget accommodation options available including: Backpacker hostels, camping sites, rainforest retreats, hotels, motels, etc.

Not Fruit Picking – What to do?

  • You’ve got to go and see one of Australia’s most famous attractions: The Big Banana.
  • Take a boat to the Solitary Islands Marine Park and check out the amazing diversity of the underwater ecosystem.
  • When you first get to Coffs, take a walk up to Sealy Lookout in Bruxner Park, just northwest of the city, where you’ll be able to see an amazing view of the city and beaches below as well as the rainforests behind you.

Extending Your Australian Working Holiday Visa

Many harvest jobs will meet the Second Australian Working Holiday Visa eligibility and count towards the 88 days of specified work. Some regional locations and jobs are ineligible which could lead to the Department of Immigration rejecting your application. So remember to confirm whether or not your fruit picking or harvest job will count towards the Second Australian WHV.


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  1. Alexia Massa

    Hey Dimi, my friend and I are in Coffs Harbour since few days and we’re looking for fruit picking around, we have no cars so we’re looking for something accessible by bus or maybe by walking.
    Thanks for your answer

  2. Patrick Clohessy

    Hi there I’m an Irish guy coming to Australia in September. I will need to pursue three months of fruit picking for my second year visa. I’m hard-working, punctual and I work well in a team Please contact me on

    • Dimitri

      Hi Patrick,

      Cheers for the message mate. If you’re looking for a working holiday job please check the job board regularly. It’s better applying when you arrive / when you are in the area.



  3. Elisa

    I search a job in few weeks as a farmworker. Can you help me?
    THANKS Elisa


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