Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

Harvesting bananas is not for the faint at heart, it’s work that leans itself to fit and strong individuals. If you’re not suited to hard labour try spraying for weeds, fertilising or applying covers to protect banana plant from wind damage. Cultivators typically work in teams of two, to ensure the bunch of bananas are removed without being damaged. Bunches are then stacked and then transported to the packing area/shed.

Banana Picking Tips

Guys normally to do heavy work, carry the bananas on their shoulders to the hangers and other heavy lifting and strenious work. Females will typically find themselves in the packing sheds sorting bananas. Remember to ask your farmer or working hostel for any tips and hints.

Banana Picking Locations

Mareeba, Carnarvon, Atherton, Innisfail, Tully

Things you’ll need

Work will be in hot conditions so remember to stay cool and hydrated unless you’re working in a Greenhouse.

  • Non slip sturdy footwear.
  • Long Pants or Shorts
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Broad Brimmed Hat
  • Sunscreen

Up North weather can be tropical so be prepared for all sorts!

Did you know?

Queenslanders are known as Banana Benders!

Pay Information

Payment is typically per hour, but some cultivators are paid per bunch, it all just depends on the specific farm you’re working at.

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  1. Facon Lucas

    Hi i’m Lucas, a single french backpacker!

    I’m looking to do all my farm work (3 months) and get my 2nd years visa.

    My visa will finish on the beginning of december, in case i’m applying to a full-time job (7 days/week).

    I’m available just i need the time to pick up a train/bus from Rockhampton to come where ever you are.

    I’m 23 years old, motivated, hard worker, quick learner and i like to take care of animal and people.

    Usually, i’m a waiter but i’m polyvalente guy and can do a lot of things.

    I like to learn new knowledges and teach mine as well.

    i give you my resume but if you will need more information let mee know by email or phone (0416857494).



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