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The Mornington Peninsula covers a vast array of land from Hastings to Rosebud. Within a stones through to beautiful beaches, natural hot springs and national parks the peninsula is a great place to complete your specified work. Harvest jobs in the region include grape, apple, cherry, strawberry and raspberry picking.

Population: Approx 136,000

Fruit Picking Work in Mornington Peninsula

February to April – Grapes
March to November – Apple Picking
November to January – Cherries
November to April – Strawberry Picking
December to March – Raspberry Picking

Fruit Picking Jobs in the Mornington Peninsula

Fruit Picking Jobs in Victoria

Where’s the Mornington Peninsula

Getting There

The Mornington Peninsula is an hours drive from the Melbourne CBD. If residing in the outer south eastern suburbs it would be a short daily commute to anywhere in the Mornington Peninsula.

There is a hostel in Sorrento, otherwise there are numerous hotels, motels, caravan parks and cabins across the Peninsula.

Not Fruit Picking – What to do?

  • Check out the Hot Springs in Rye – a great Relaxing down
  • Get down to the beach during summer
  • Try the surf at the backbeaches
  • Go on a wine tour

Extending Your Australian Working Holiday Visa

Many harvest jobs will meet the Second Australian Working Holiday Visa eligibility and count towards the 88 days of specified work. Some regional locations and jobs are ineligible which could lead to the Department of Immigration rejecting your application. So remember to confirm whether or not your fruit picking or harvest job will count towards the Second Australian WHV.


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10 Responses to “Mornington Peninsula”

  1. Annie

    Hi there!

    I came across this website from a lonelyplanet forum as I am due to arrive in Australia (St Kilda) in the new year and wondered if I could have any more information on this job?

    Many Thanks

  2. Herlinda

    Hi there,

    How I apply for this job? I have no experience with fruit picking job yet,so would be great if i can do this job,will be interesting experience.


  3. Herlinda

    Hi there,

    How I apply for this job? I have no experience yet with fruit picking job,would love to do this,will be new interesting experience for me


  4. Herlinda Gitasari

    Hi there,

    How I apply for fruit picking job? I live in Mornington,I have no experience yet,would love to do this work,will be new interesting experience for me.


  5. teresia tinai

    Hi there,

    How I apply for fruit picking job? I live in Nadii, Fiji Islands, I love to do this job as it will be a great experience for me. I’m currently working in the Hotel Industry.
    Looking forward to your respond.


    • Dimitri

      Hi Teresia,

      Please lookup our visas section for all information corresponding to working in Australia if you’re from Fji :)



  6. lauret renaud


    I would like find a farmwork in cherries the next week, but i’m not sure if the season start already? And if you know farm which looking for worker?
    Thanks for your help.


  7. Nicolas Gonzalez

    Hi… Me and my girlfriend are on our working holiday visa and we will be in Melbourne in April. We both are chef and we are been working on the industry since 2007. We like to do something else for a change, and fruit picking caught our attention. Anything that we can do from april to august?? we both like to wake up early and we dont mind at all to do dirty fun jobs.
    Any farm, with accommodation hopefully, will be amazing.
    We will be waiting for any response
    Kind regards


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