Despite being a fairly young town, Kununurra sits on an ancient landscape where early Aboriginal tribes roamed. Initiated to service the Ord River Irrigation scheme, Kununurra is located approximately 40km from the Northern Territory border. Therefore the climate is similar to that of Darwin, with the dry season coming during winter. Fruit Picking Work in Kununurra February to April – Orange, Citrus March to September – Tree planting May to November – Melons, pumpkins June to September – Corn October to December – Mangoes (Dry Season April – October) Fruit Picking Jobs in Kununurra Fruit Picking Jobs in Western Australia Read more


Just 300 km from Perth, Manjimup is home to abundant fresh water, rich soils, undulating scenery, tall forests and tranquil surroundings. Manjimup’s fertile land is used for dairying and farms of beef, sheep and vegetables not to mention pear and apple orchards. Don’t forget to attend the annual cherry festival in December.   Fruit Picking Work in Manjimup February – May – Pears and Apples October to June – Potatoes December to February – Avocados / Stonefruit December to March – Vegetables Fruit Picking Jobs in Kununurra Fruit Picking Jobs in Western Australia Where’s Manjimup Getting There Manjimup is 300km Read more


Nestled between three large hills, Mount Clarence, Mount Melville and Mount Adelaide, Albany located in the states south west corner approximately 400km from Perth. Soak up the breath taking views and you enjoy the stunning backdrops and amazing scenery.   Fruit Picking Work in Albany March to April – Grape picking May to June – Olive picking June to September – Vine pruning July to August – Olive tree pruning October to May – Strawberries Fruit Picking Jobs in Kununurra Fruit Picking Jobs in Northern Territory Where’s Albany Getting There Albany is a 5 hours drive south east from Perth Read more


The largest town in the Gascoyne region, Carnarvon is located between Exmouth and Monkey Mia, approximately 900km north of Perth. Famous for it’s Banana plantations you’ll also find working picking mangoes,watermelons, rockmelons, eggplant and zucchinis to name a few. Makes sure you check out the Ningaloo Reef and the beautiful wildflowers when your off the clock.   Fruit Picking Work in Carnavon January to March – Mangoes January to April – Watermelons, rockmelons January to December – Bananas May to July – Vine pruning May to November – Egg plant, cucumbers,zucchinis May to December – Tomatoes, capsicums August to December Read more


Surrounded by hills and karri forests, Denmark is approximately 400 kilometers south of Perth. The climate lends itself to grape growing so expect to seek work at vineyards and wineries. There will also be opportunities to pick blueberries from December through to March.   Fruit Picking Crops in Denmark February to April – Grapes June to September – Vine pruning December to March – Blueberries Fruit Picking Jobs in Denmark Fruit Picking Jobs in Western Australia Where’s Denmark Getting There Denmark is 420km south of Perth, it’s a 5 hour drive mostly along the Albany Highway. Regular air services operate Read more


From humble beginnings as a small goldfield, Donnybrook is known as the Apple capital of the south west located approximately 200km from Perth and 35km from Bunbury. The town is surrounded by stunning forests, winding rivers, rolling hills, picturesque vineyards and beautiful orchards.   Fruit Picking Work in Donnybrook February -to April – Pears, tomatoes,grapes February to June – Apples June to September – Apple tree pruning,Vine pruning November to December – Apple thinning, stonefruit December to March – Stonefruit Fruit Picking Jobs in Donnybrook Fruit Picking Jobs in Western Australia Where’s Donnybrook Getting There Donnybrook is a short 2 Read more


Frankland is a small agricultural town that derives it name from the Franklin River. At around 400 kilometres the Frankland is the longest river that flows into the Walpole-Nornalup Inlet. Harvest Work wise you’ll expect to obtain employment picking grapes, olives and pruning vines.   Fruit Picking Work in Frankland February to April – Grapes May to June – Olive picking June to September – Vine pruning July to August – Olive picking Fruit Picking Jobs in Frankland Fruit Picking Jobs in Western Australia Where’s Frankland Getting There Frankland is a 4 hour drive from south of Perth, otherwise bus Read more


An agricultural town in Western Australia, Gingin is approximately 90km north of Perth. The main agriculture in the area includes wheat,sheep, cattle with citrus growing and grape growing . In recent years the Moondah Brook Vineyard has become one of the most successful vineyards in Western Australia.   Fruit Picking Work in Gingin January to February – Grape picking January to December – Vegetables January to December – Citrus picking, packing January to December – Tree planting June to July Citrus – Tree pruning June to August – Vine pruning July to September – Olive tree pruning November to January Read more

Margaret River

Blessed with a perfect Mediterranean like climate, Margaret River is a great holiday destination let alone fruit picking destination. Originally a relaxed surfing town, Margaret River has evolved into a popular destination for lovers of fine wine, good food and spectacular scenery. Being home to over 130 wineries you’ll be sure to find harvest work and a great drop of wine!   Fruit Picking Work in Margaret River February – April – Grapes June – August – Vine pruning Fruit Picking Jobs in Gingin Fruit Picking Jobs in Western Australia Where’s Margaret River Getting There The drive from Perth will Read more

Mount Barker

Approximately 350kms from Perth, Mount Barker is a stone’s throw away from stunning beauty and rugged grandeur. Formerly a key apple producing region, the area now has an increased interest in wildflowers, wine production, viticulture and traditional agriculture including sheep and cattle. Don’t forget to go on a wine tour!   Fruit Picking Work in Mount Barker March to April – Grapes June to October – Vine pruning October to May – Strawberries November to January – Cherries Fruit Picking Jobs in Mount Barker Fruit Picking Jobs in Western Australia Where’s Margaret Mount Barker Getting There There’s options in town Read more