19 Signs You’ve Been Living In Sydney Way Too Long


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19) You’ve finally realised that Bondi Beach actually isn’t the best beach in Australia. 18) You’ve figured out to avoid Manly and Bondi Beach on hot day. 17) You go to Coogee or Little Manly instead 16) You’ve completely given up on AFL. 15) You figured out that Darlinghurst is pronounced ‘Darrrrrrrhhh-linggghurst 14) You’re sick of telling everyone back home how much the minimum wage is in Sydney. 13) You know half your pay will go towards rent. 12) You never bother rocking up on time for trains. 11) Getting a seat on public transport is more a dream than Read more

Sydney Siege: Stay Safe



For everyone in Sydney at the moment please stay safe. There is a “hostage situation” unfolding in Martin Place at the Lindt Cafe. We urge everyone to stay safe and listen to police announcements. If your not aware of whats happening here’s some coverage ABC News: Live: Hostages held in siege at cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place A number of hostages have been taken in a siege underway in Sydney’s CBD. At least three people have been seen through the windows of a cafe in Martin Place with their hands raised. Sydney Morning Herald: Martin Place Lindt Chocolate Cafe siege: Read more