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Originally settled in 1880 when gold and minerals were discovered in the region, Dimbulah is located in Northern Queensland about 100km west of Cairns. The main fruits and vegetables in the region are Paw Paws, Longans, Avocados, Lychees and mMngoes, during summer and autumn their’s work on offer!   Fruit Picking Work in Dimbulah February to March – Longans February to April – Avocados November to January – Lychees, mangoes Fruit Picking Jobs in Dimbulah Fruit Picking Jobs in Queensland Where’s Dimbulhah Getting There Some Highway different Place, the Bruce will get you there. Dimbulah is 1,800km north of Brisbane, Read more



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Located in the Atherton Tablelands, Mareeba is home to some of Australia’s best mango and paw paw harvests. You may also find work with many other crops including: pineapples, avocados, lychees, sugar cane and cashews.   Fruit Picking Work in Mareeba January to December – Paw paws, bananas, citrus February to March – Longans February to May – Avocados October to February – Pineapples November to January – Lychees November to March – Mangoes Fruit Picking Jobs in Mareeba Fruit Picking Jobs in Queensland Where’s Mareeba Getting There Take the Kennedy highway west from Cairns, the drive should take just Read more