Beaufort Cucumber Scam


This message was recently posted on the Fruit Picking Jobs Facebook page. If you are aware of this or have heard of this scam please contact us and the fair work ombudsman.   Just want to make fellow bacpackers aware…BEWARE of a scam! We applied for a gumtree add based in Beaufort, VIC on a lebanese cucumber/baby cucumber farm. Really good pay and hours, cheap accommodation (all too good to be true to be honest) but they ask that you pay for accomodation up front.   We googled the BSB and account number. Turns out this BSB: 880100, is actually Read more

My Fruit Picking Disaster



Below is a story from one of our members who stayed at Dons in Mildura. If you’ve ever been scammed or thought someone is taking advantage of you please contact the fair work ombudsman or share your story with our 90.000+ members.   Finding Work   In January 2014, after four months of travelling in Australia, myself and three other backpackers I had been travelling with, decided it was about time we started looking for farm work, so we could get our second year visas. We looked on gumtree and found a lot of similar sounding adverts, all based in Read more

My Mildura Nightmare


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In light of all the recent scam stories coming out from Mildura, one of our members, who will be named “Mary” wrote the following piece about her time at the infamous Dons accommodation.   The Story   In June 2014 my boyfriend and I travelled to Australia from England to start our one year working holiday. We staying in Brisbane for two weeks, looking for any farm work available as we wanted to complete our regional work early. As it was the winter it was hard to find any work going, however we came across an advert on gumtree for Read more