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This message was recently posted on the Fruit Picking Jobs Facebook page. If you are aware of this or have heard of this scam please contact us and the fair work ombudsman.

Just want to make fellow bacpackers aware…BEWARE of a scam! We applied for a gumtree add based in Beaufort, VIC on a lebanese cucumber/baby cucumber farm. Really good pay and hours, cheap accommodation (all too good to be true to be honest) but they ask that you pay for accomodation up front.
We googled the BSB and account number. Turns out this BSB: 880100, is actually a prepaid Australia Post Pay & Load card. They all have the same BSB and there are loads of forums where people are talking about being ripped off. He gives you little info on the farm and just emphasises that you must book your accommodation today as places are filling up quick.
The name he uses is William Mcneil and the email address is We were lucky that we figured out it was scam before we made any payments to him but some people aren’t so lucky. So please be careful!!

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If you’re looking for a job check the job board and if you have a story to tell send it through.

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