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Located approximately 950 km west of Sydney via the Great, Mid Western and Sturt Highways, Euston is a small country town which thrives on it’s strong agricultural base and numerous vineyards. In service of these wineries employment will be found picking grapes and vine trimming which will span over a 6-7months period. Remember to try your hand at fishing, camping or rent a house bout and experience the Murray River region.   Fruit Picking Work in Euston May to February – Picking Vegetables January to May – Picking Grapes May to September – Vine pruning Fruit Picking Jobs in Euston Read more



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Leeton in the administrative centre of the huge Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA), which is responsible for 38% of NSW’s vegetable production. Also known as Australia’s Rice capital, Leeton is the headquarters of a number of large fruit and vegetable companies. The town, which is just near the Murrumbidgee River was designed by Sir Walter Burley Griffin, the acclaimed American architect who also designed Australia’s capital, Canberra.   Fruit Picking Work in Leeton January to December – Citrus picking and packing February to March – Grape picking September to May – Vegetables November to April – Stonefruit Fruit Picking Jobs in Read more