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Coonawarra is one of Australia’s best known wine making regions, especially famous for its ‘terra rossa’, or red soil, producing some of the world’s best Cabernet Sauvignon. Located just near the Victorian border, the area is only 12km by 2km, yet nearly all of this land is home to the region’s 32 vineyards. The word Coonawarra comes from the Aboriginal word meaning ‘wild honeysuckle’.


Population: Approx 300 - Increases during harvest season

Fruit Picking Work in Coonawarra

February to June – Potatoes
February to May – Grape picking
June to August – Vine pruning
December to January – Cherries, beans

Fruit Picking Jobs in Coonawarra

Fruit Picking Jobs in South Australia

Where’s Coonawarra

Getting There

By car, it is a 4 hour journey from Adelaide and a 4 and a half hour trip from Melbourne. If travelling from Melbourne, consider taking the world famous Great Ocean Road for some amazing scenery or if coming from Adelaide stop by the spectacular Coorong National Park.

There are daily buses to Coonawarra from Adelaide and if coming from Melbourne, just catch the train to Warrnambool and then a bus on to Mount Gambier with links available to Coonawarra.

There is also an airport in Mount Gambier which is half an hour from Coonawarra with daily flights from Melbourne and Adelaide.


There are a variety of backpacker hostels, motels, cabins, cottages and hotels in Coonawarra and nearby Penola. There is also a wide variety of accommodation options including camping in Mount Gambier.

Not Fruit Picking – What to do?

  • Check out the subterranean Naracoorte Caves, where you will find a plethora of stalactites, stalagmites and even ancient fossils.
  • Hire a bike and ride around the flattest wine region in Australia while sampling the local product!
  • Head to Mount Gambier to see the Blue Lake, which turns from grey to turquoise every November.

Extending Your Australian Working Holiday Visa

Many harvest jobs will meet the Second Australian Working Holiday Visa eligibility and count towards the 88 days of specified work. Some regional locations and jobs are ineligible which could lead to the Department of Immigration rejecting your application. So remember to confirm whether or not your fruit picking or harvest job will count towards the Second Australian WHV.


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