Located on the banks of the Murray River, Nyah is known for it’s grapes and stone fruit production. The small town is a stones through away from the beautiful state forests of the river red gum.  Make sure you check out the beautiful bush walking and picnics spots in the Nyah & Vinifera State Forest. Harvest work wise if you don’t end up picking grapes or stone fruit there’s opportunities should arise picking vegetables or pruning vines.   Fruit Picking Work in Nyah January to May – Grapes May to January – Citrus May to February – Vegetables May to Read more


Nangiloc is a small rural town of 400 people located 40km south of Mildura. Harvest work wise you’ll find work picking grapes, citrus fruits, vegetables, asparagus and vine pruning.


Positioned in the northern foothills of the Mt Buffalo Range adjacent the Ovens River, Happy Valley Creek and Barwidgee Creek Myrtleford is home to some great wineries beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. Harvest work wise you’ll be picking grapes, apples, chestnuts, walnuts and hops.   Fruit Picking Work in Myrtleford January to April – Apples February to March – Grapes March to April – Hops, chestnuts,walnuts June to August – Vine pruning Fruit Picking Jobs in Myrtleford Fruit Picking Jobs in Victoria Where’s Myrtleford Getting There Myrtleford is a 3 hours drive north west of Melbourne and 7 hours south Read more


Some say Rutherglen is Australia’s oldest wine growing region with winemakers passing down knowledge to 5 generations of family and workers. You’ll find yourself picking grapes, vine pruning, vine thining due to the  vast number of wineries in the region. Otherwise there’s work apple and cherry picking.   Fruit Picking Work in Rutherglen February to April – Grapes March to May – Apples June to August – Vine pruning November to December – Cherries Fruit Picking Jobs in Rutherglen Fruit Picking Jobs in Victoria Where’s Rutherglen Getting There Rutherglen is a 3-4 hour drive north east of Melbourne, trains run Read more

Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley covers a pretty large area, from Croydon to Healesville, with the Coldstream Brewery in between! Make sure you stop by there for a fresh beer off tap. There’s also 80+ wineries in the region, we guarantee you will end up on a wine tour. Fruit Picking wise you will obviously find work, pruning and thinning vines and grape picking but there’s also opportunities grape, strawberry, lemon, cherry and berry picking. Feature image courtesy of Mike Emmett – Redfish Bluefish Photographic     Fruit Picking Work in Yarra Valley February to March – Pears, Grapes(April),Apples(May) May to August – Read more

Swan Hill

Swan Hill, referred to as the heart of the Murray is a thriving modern city with plenty on offer. Work wise you’ll find yourself picking grapes, citrus fruits, vegetables or pruning vines. Check out the Pioneer Settlement in town which is great for getting a feel of what Swan Hill was like back in the day.   Fruit Picking Work in Swan Hill January to May – Grapes May to January – Citrus May to February – Vegetables May to September – Vine pruning December to February – Stonefruit Fruit Picking Jobs in Swan Hill Fruit Picking Jobs in Victoria Read more