Backpacker Tax Refund Calculator

Are you on a working holiday? Wondering how much tax you’re going to get back come tax time? Well check out the fruit picking jobs backpacker tax refund calculator!   You can claim your tax refund now and don’t forgot to claim your super refund if you’re leaving the country soon.


Located approximately 450km south west of Sydney and 725 metres above sea level, Batlow is surrounded by numerous orchards and in recent years has earnt the reputation as one of Australia’s premier producers of apples, pears, cherries, berries and stonefruits. Most famously Batlow is known for the Big Apple. It’s so big that it rises above the trees of the orchard.   Fruit Picking Work in Batlow March to May – Apples June to November – Tree pruning October to April – Stonefruit December to January – Cherries Fruit Picking Jobs in Batlow Fruit Picking Jobs in New South Wales Read more


Bourke is situated in Western New South Wales at the crossroads of the Mitchell Highway, Kamilaroi Highway and the Kidman Way. A thriving country town known for it’s large wool, cotton and citrus production. There’s also many things to see of historical interest including the Afghan Mosque/Cemetary, The Bourke Weir and the Cobb & Co heritage trail to name a few.   Fruit Picking Work in Bourke January to May – Melons April to May – Cotton picking, cotton ginning May to June – Vine pruning May to September – Citrus November to January – Grapes December to February – Read more

Byron Bay

Byron Bay is an extremely popular tourist destinations for travelers and backpackers a like. You’ll find beautiful beaches, scenic look outs amongst the laid back and friendly vibe that comes with being in Byron. With surfing lessons, great nightlife, beaches, Nimbin all at your fingertips, Byron is certainly a great place to obtain fruit picking and seasonal employment.   Fruit Picking Work in Byron Bay February to March – Lychees April to September – Macadamia nuts, avocados June to September – Custard apples September to December – Stonefruit October to December – Coffee October to January – Blueberries Fruit Picking Read more

Coffs Harbour

According to the CSIRO, Coffs Harbour has the most liveable climate in Australia, so be sure to enjoy the many unspoiled beaches and scenic mountain backdrop. The Coffs Harbour’s economy is based mainly on banana farming, manufacturing and tourism. So remember to check out the Big Banana on the northern outskirts of the city to get a real insight into the banana farming industry.   Fruit Picking Work in Coffs Harbour January to December – Bananas May to October – Avocados June to September – Custard apples September to December – Stonefruit October to December – Coffee October to January Read more


Officially named a town in 1872 and a city in 1966, Dubbo has since become home to almost 40,000 people. The town is located within a climatic transition zone between temperate and semi-arid climates so expect an average temperature of 15 degrees if you’re picking cotton and ginning cotton from April to May.   Fruit Picking Work in Dubbo April to May – Cotton picking and cotton ginning Fruit Picking Jobs in Dubbo Fruit Picking Jobs in New South Wales Where’s Dubbo Getting There If driving from Sydney it is a 412km journey. Take the Mid Western Hwy to Bathurst Read more


Located approximately 950 km west of Sydney via the Great, Mid Western and Sturt Highways, Euston is a small country town which thrives on it’s strong agricultural base and numerous vineyards. In service of these wineries employment will be found picking grapes and vine trimming which will span over a 6-7months period. Remember to try your hand at fishing, camping or rent a house bout and experience the Murray River region.   Fruit Picking Work in Euston May to February – Picking Vegetables January to May – Picking Grapes May to September – Vine pruning Fruit Picking Jobs in Euston Read more


Lying on the banks of the Lachlan River, Forbes is a small regional town some 380 kms west of Sydney. Once a major gold mining town, Forbes’ heritage listed architecture still reflects the 1800s and the money gold bought to the economy. Now known for the diverse lifestyle the town offers, it also has a large array of fruit picking opportunities, including its relatively new wine industry. Fruit Picking Work in Forbes January – Plums January to March – Tomatoes, stonefruit January to April – Grape picking February to May – Apples June to August – Vine pruning November to Read more


Officially a city since 1987, but only with its first set of traffic lights since 2010, Griffith is a service area for one of the most productive agricultural areas in Australia, the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. The city is well known for its booming wine industry and is home to some of the country’s best known wineries including De Bortoli and and McWilliams. The region is also very scenic and there are a number of national parks in the area, with ecotourism a growing contributor to the local economy. Fruit Picking Work in Griffith January to December – Citrus January to Read more

Gol Gol

Located on the banks of the mighty Murray River, Gol Gol is just 10km north east of Mildura while some refer to it as almost a suburb of Mildura. Gol Gol is the Aboriginal meaning for ‘Meeting Place’ and has officially been a town since 1886. The town is part of the Sunraysia fruit growing region and as such has a massive irrigation system with the majority of the towns inhabitants being involved in the agricultural industry.   Fruit Picking Work in Gol Gol January to May – Grape picking May to January – Citrus May to February – Vegetables Read more