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Byron Bay is home to backpackers year round, uni students in February, Schoolies in November, there’s something for everyone in one of Australia’s most chilled out and happening holiday destinations. The resident population swells up to three or four times during the popular summer holidays and other peak times during the year. Whether it’s the beautiful beaches or happening cultural and nightlife we’ve included a list of 5 Things you simply have to do. We will even give you a hint on the house, if there’s a backpackers hostel you like and you’re travelling during peak season ( Summer) book in Advance.

5. Skydive

Skydive the Beach and Beyond Offer
Skydiving is a great way to mix things up in one of Australia’s most relaxed and busy tourist towns. The view coming down is absolute beautiful, seeing the rugged coastline located between Ballina and Gold Coast. Just make sure you don’t have a huge night the before, last thing you need is a hangover when jumping out of a plane, unless you’re Chuck Norris.

One Stop Adventures are giving all Fruit Picking Jobs members a $10 discount on all skydives if you are interested.

4. Cheeky Monkeys


Cheeky Monkeys is a Byron Bay travellers staple, getting crammed on the tight tables, other peoples sweat all over you, being double parked while talking dribble and spilling your drink everywhere sounds about right. Even though it doesn’t sound too appealing, once you’re there you’ll soon get in the “banterry” spirit that is Cheekies. There’s also wet t-shirt competition held at the bar which usually draws a crowd and some great comedy.

Cheekies is located down the far end of Jonson street which is a great stumble back to the many hostels in the region.

3. Surfing

Byron Bay Surfing Australia
Surfs up in Byron from the most novice learner to the seasoned surfer. There’s all different waves, but this my friends is all in the hands of the weather gods. Either way whether you’re confident enough getting out by yourself or not it doesn’t matter as there’s so many surf schools in the area.

Ask around at your hostel for whichl is the best for you. Please pass on your experience as we love sharing recommendations, both good and bad.

2. Splendour in the Grass


An annual music, arts and culture festival which was held at Jat Belongil Fields campground on the outskirts of Byron Bay from 2001 to 2009 during July/August. Splendour is now held at the North Byron Parklands during late July early August.

Last years line up was off the charts, with performances from Momford and suns, The National, of Monsters & Men, The Presets, Bernard Fanning, Flume, Birds of Tokyo and the list goes on. How could you not go?

The festival also features local arts and crafts and cuisine, as well as the latest and best music from Australia and overseas,. Getting tickets is extremely competitive and done on a first come first serve. Pre sales are avaliable to people who attended the year before which is a big advantage. Tickets generally sell out within an hour of going on sale, so #getready.

1. Nimbin

Well it was inevitable wasn’t it. Everything is that little bit different in Nimbin, many refer to it as the Amsterdam of Australia, others say they’re still in lost somewhere in the 60’s but whatever anyone says it’s certainly worth the day trip out there.

We could sit here and deny that Hash cookies, brownies and magic mushrooms are sold over the counter in several shops in Nimbin, but we won’t, it is commonly known these products are easily purchased. How this ” market” still survives is beyond me, especially given how tightly the Australian Police regulates drugs and trafficking.

If you do choose to taste the “forbidden fruits” be assured that the car ride home will be that little bit more interesting then on the way back. And most importantly make sure the designated driver stays sober so you can arrive alive. Otherwise just jump on Nimbim day tour.

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