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Ever been confused about a fruit picking or harvest job advertisement, well you’re not alone. Over the past years there’s been many reports of fake / scam fruit picking jobs on sites such as Gumtree and is the latest one to surface.

It’s reported that Consumer Protection is investigating the “ rosso vineyard” which was set up using an ABN from a legitimate business registered in Perth’s south eastern suburbs. Two Working Holiday Makers claim to have been scammed, depositing $200 each into a Victorian Bank account after responding to a gumtree advertisement. There could be many more that have fallen victim to this scam. Do you know anyone affected by the Rosso Vineyards Scam.

How to avoid being Scammed

1. Never pay your deposit up front, it’s the “ oldest trick” in the book, scammers will respond to emails quickly to lure you in but once the deposit is made they will go quiet and run with your money.
2. Try to search for jobs that that you’re close too, ie If in Shepparton and applying for a job in Maroopna, drive down and talk to the employer. Prospective employers are more likely take you seriously and not scam you.

What Scammers Do

1. These Scammers went to great lengths according to authorities they posted fake photos & description of a vineyard that doesn’t even exist. ( The Margaret River Wine Association has confirmed the vineyard does not exist)
2. Do a google search on the farm/vineyard , check if it’s listed on white pages or our farm directory, learn about where you’re going to work and if it exists.
3. Contact the local council to see if you’re still having trouble finding information about the farm on the internet.

How to report a Scam

1. Report any suspicious scams to the fair work ombudsman.
2. Email so we can put a warning on our facebook page and also alert Fair Work Australia.

Remember to use your judgement and share any interesting experiences with the community.

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