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Being the huge island that it is, getting around about and across Australia can often be a traveller’s nightmare. With huge distances between towns, some that stretch across time zones, it’s no surprise that Australian transport costs can put a major dent in any tourist’s pocket. But don’t fret, I’ve come up with 9 great ways to find cheaper transport when you travel Australia, so that seeing the most of this vast land needn’t cost you the earth.

9. Budget Airlines

Coming in at number 9 is the use of budget airlines. Australia has 2 main ones that service domestic locations, namely Jetstar and Tiger. Flying with either of these guys is bound to save you money. Just make sure you don’t overpack or buy any extras, like reserved seating, and you should score some pretty good budget deals.

8. Flight Comparison Apps

Sticking with the air travel theme, I highly recommend getting the app Australia Flight FREE. This wonderful little invention is really simple to use and easily displays flight comparison details over a range of airlines including the budget ones I mentioned above. I have used Skyscanner and other flight comparison sites too, but have found this app much more helpful when it comes to really getting the best flight prices if you intend to travel Australia.

7. Hitch

Moving onto road travel, the obvious free choice for cheaper transport when you travel Australia is to hitchhike. This doesn’t come with a safety guarantee, but I have tested it out many times and all with good success. Plus, you always get to meet some interesting characters along the way! Check out these 5 tips for successful hitchhiking if you’re considering this method of getting around.

6. RideShare

If you’d rather have a bit more security when traveling Australia (understandable!), then I highly recommend rideshare options instead. This is basically when you share lifts with others that are already driving in the direction you want to go and share fuel costs too. Rideshare is more organised than hitching as there are dedicated websites through which you can find lifts. Have a look at or search for some Australian rideshare facebook groups – there are plenty around.

5. Team Up with Others

Of course, the message here is that sharing transports costs with others is always going to be a cheaper option. As such, if you’re looking to hire your own car or campervan, make sure you find others who want to do the same. Hostel noticeboards or relevant facebook groups are a great way to do this. Try to arrange a get-together with anyone interested and then you can discuss plans and look at various different companies together. Sharing the price of hiring a vehicle is certainly one for the best ways to find cheaper transport when you travel Australia.

4. Relocate

If you can’t find others to share the costs of hiring a vehicle with, then why not look into relocating one instead. Relocation deals are plentiful in Australia and if you don’t have a set destination in mind or a set timeframe in mind, then you’ll almost certainly find a free vehicle to take you somewhere! Relocation deals are run by hire companies, who need to get vehicles to certain locations across the country because of paid bookings. In order to shuttle the cars and campervans around, they loan them out for free to travellers who agree to drive them from one location to another, Often the hire companies throw in some fuel vouchers too, so relocation deals really are a super way to find cheaper transport when you travel Australia.

3. Fuel Comparison Apps

Once you are on the road, it’s then all about keeping fuel costs down if you want to travel cheap. I highly recommend investing in a fuel comparison app if you are going to be road tripping Australia for a while because it really will help keep costs down. GasBuddy and MotorMouth are 2 great examples.

2. Greyhound Deals

If public transport is more your thing, then the Greyhound Bus Service is probably going to be right up your street. This oh-so-simple and efficient service is perfect for Australian travellers as it stops at all the major tourists spots along the east coast, as well as some great destinations inland too. There is often wifi on board and it’s always a great place to meet some friends! Tickets however, can be expensive … if you don’t know where to look that is! If you’re going to be traveling quite a lot in the country, then can I suggest a Hop On Hop Off Greyhound Pass, which are really excellent value and give you a wide range of options and flexibility.  Greyhound also run some great specials, so always check out their website for deals if you’re looking for some inspiration. Students with valid cards also get a further discount, just input your student number at the time of booking and present it to the driver when you board.

1. Premier Bus

A cheaper alternative to the Greyhound Bus, the Premier Bus is a winner. Unfortunately it only travels between Melbourne and Cairns and has a more limited timetable than Greyhound, but Premier is often cheaper and offers a greater range of concession passes, including 10% off for a return booking or discounts if you have a YHA  or VIP Backpacker member card. Definitely worth checking out if you are traveling via public transport, Premier Bus is a top way to find cheaper transport when you travel Australia.

So those are my 9 great ways to find cheaper transport when you travel Australia. Have you found any others? Let us know in the comment section below.

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