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The fruit bowl in Bundaberg is kicking and if you are looking for work there are hourly and contract jobs with various fruits and vegetables.

This includes hourly paid jobs with accomodation arranged and counts for 2nd Year Visa ( 417 Visa) . There is also a range of piece rates positions available as well.

Currently hourly paid jobs:

Sweet potato harvest and packing shed ( harvest means working on a harvest machine picking potatoes)

Macadamia processing shed – role includes sorting and packing macademias for local and export market.

Tomato/ Capsicum/ Zucchini packing

Nursery work – working in a large scale nursery propagating and caring for seedlings that are sold then to farms eg Macademia / Avocado trees

Current Contract work ( paid by piece or bucket/ bin)

Ginger picking, Tomato picking, sweet potato vining

Please apply directly here, if your internet is no good you can call 0488 796 763 to discuss employment in Bundaberg and mention you saw the add on Fruit Picking Jobs, they are expecting your call.

Apply Now – Click Here!

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Fruit Picking Jobs Australia


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