Australian Government to Make $540 Million Off Backpackers!


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Could the Australian working holiday dream be dwindling away? Is the Australian government putting a stranglehold on what working holiday makers can and can’t do. Last week it was that wwoofing and other voluntary work would no longer count towards the second working holiday visa and now there’s a huge tax hike to be effective from Jan 1 2016. What’s next? How will the working holiday tax hike affect you? It’s no drop in the ocean, its 32.5% of your pay!   Good News   If you’re on a working holiday visa at the moment don’t worry you will have Read more

Manjimup: The Tomato Farm Experience


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Hi everyone, we are a group 8 backpackers with Australian Working Holiday Visas and have been working and living in Pemberton Western Australia. This was to get our 88 days specified work in a regional area for our 2nd year visa. Through the backpackers hostel in Pemberton we got a job at a tomato farm -Allstates in Manjimup-. We worked there for about 3 months and below is the story of how we fared.   Missing Payments   We tried to contact the farmer -Paul Da Silva- several times. Also the hostel owner -Troy Della Franca- tried to contact him Read more

Legislation Could Change Fruit Picking Jobs Landscape



With new legislation forcing job seekers on the Dole to apply for 40 positions per month we could see a huge increase in the number of Northern Territorian’s that are completing fruit picking or harvest work. Many people are not happy with these new requirements, especially in smaller regional areas where the job possibilities are limitied. Harder to Find Jobs?   The flow on affects could be enormous with many Working Holiday makers each year trying to complete their 88 days of specified work to obtain their second working holiday visa. This could further tighten the noose around an already Read more