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Located approximately 450km south west of Sydney and 725 metres above sea level, Batlow is surrounded by numerous orchards and in recent years has earnt the reputation as one of Australia’s premier producers of apples, pears, cherries, berries and stonefruits. Most famously Batlow is known for the Big Apple. It’s so big that it rises above the trees of the orchard.   Fruit Picking Work in Batlow March to May – Apples June to November – Tree pruning October to April – Stonefruit December to January – Cherries Fruit Picking Jobs in Batlow Fruit Picking Jobs in New South Wales Read more



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Located on the banks of the Goulbourn River, Shepparton is known as the “food bowl of Australia”. There’s plenty of employment options not only in town but also in the surrounding regions which include Congupna, Grahamvvale, Kyabram, Lemnos and Mooro opna to name a few. You’ll find jobs picking stone fruits, pears, apples, cherries and apricots.   Fruit Picking Work in Shepparton December to January – Grape work May to July – Vine pruning work. September to October – Vine shoot thinning, vine bunch trimming Fruit Picking Jobs in Shepparton Fruit Picking Jobs in Victoria Where’s Shepparton Getting There It’s Read more



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An agricultural town in Western Australia, Gingin is approximately 90km north of Perth. The main agriculture in the area includes wheat,sheep, cattle with citrus growing and grape growing . In recent years the Moondah Brook Vineyard has become one of the most successful vineyards in Western Australia.   Fruit Picking Work in Gingin January to February – Grape picking January to December – Vegetables January to December – Citrus picking, packing January to December – Tree planting June to July Citrus – Tree pruning June to August – Vine pruning July to September – Olive tree pruning November to January Read more