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Positioned in the northern foothills of the Mt Buffalo Range adjacent the Ovens River, Happy Valley Creek and Barwidgee Creek Myrtleford is home to some great wineries beautiful scenery and breathtaking views. Harvest work wise you’ll be picking grapes, apples, chestnuts, walnuts and hops.   Fruit Picking Work in Myrtleford January to April – Apples February to March – Grapes March to April – Hops, chestnuts,walnuts June to August – Vine pruning Fruit Picking Jobs in Myrtleford Fruit Picking Jobs in Victoria Where’s Myrtleford Getting There Myrtleford is a 3 hours drive north west of Melbourne and 7 hours south Read more



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You’re in the Snowy Mountains region, a great white wine producing area you will be sure to find work in the Tumbarumba. There’s various work on offer all year round, from Vine pruning to Fruit Picking of all sorts including, grape, apple, cherry and berry picking.   Fruit Picking Work in Tumbarumba January to March – Stonefruit January to April – Grapes March to May – Apples April to May – Chestnuts June to September – Vine pruning November to December – Cherries December to April – Berries Fruit Picking Jobs in the Tumbarumba Fruit Picking Jobs in New South Read more