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    Conor Newman

    Hi! So this will be my first travel experience to Australia, I’m 27, chef by trade but I’m sick of looking at greasy walls 6 days a week, I’m arriving June 1st, basically I haven’t a clue wtf am doing but to have someone to travel with would be sound

    United Bronx

    Hi there, I guess the reason that nobody replied to this request is that people don’t know you and they are afraid that you will want to have a sort of short-terms relationships with them. Do you understand?

    Wine Pipeline

    I guess he doesn’t, otherwise he would have mentioned somehow that he was not interested in dating. Actually I think that one mustn’t mix personal and working affairs. So meet women tonight is a far better place for dating in my opinion. There you will meet only people who are ready for relationships, be it short or long.

    abuaubu tuglak

    Hi, I believe you need to first think about how to make actions that will inspire the other person to respect you. For instance here you can read about what to do to build respect while you are still dating. I am sure that many problems will be solved if you behave in a proper way.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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