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    Daniel Noble

    Well.. where do I start?..


    We (me and my bf) originally checked into Lazy Lizard after finishing some farmwork nearby and the manager Kristie (at the time) said to come as she may have work. So we waited a week and nothing… being told to pay up front a weeks rent in advance and then being told she didnt have any work.


    After a week we went back to our old farm job. Once that finished again due to the season ending, we actually secured a job working in the packing shed which was good. Started straight away.


    This is when the issues started to pop up. The packing shed didnt like using people from the hostel that much so cut the hours down. So if you said to Kristie you needed to get your visa days done and would like another job …..OH NO THIS COULD NEVER HAPPEN. She would see it that if you worked ONE day out of 2 WHOLE WEEKS – that still meant you had a job and new people would go above you on the work list.


    SO after being messed around we decided to leave and go to Bowen for 2 weeks for work. Once that worked finished we called the hostel to see if they definitely had work AND LOW AND BEHOLD THEY ‘did’. and to start the following Monday.




    We asked her 3 times is it definitely start Monday as we were leaving paid work to return and over and over she said ‘ýep start monday’ BULLS**T I mean… its not like its their job to actually be honest and find you work is it?!


    OH WAIT. So we return to the hostel with my Boyfriend and friend. As soon as Kristie sees us…she says to me (the female) ‘Oh theres been a slight change, they dont need you” So I ask when will I start and for 2 days she keeps telling me ‘tomorrow’ ……..SO after a while I had enough and confronted her about the fact that we left jobs to return to a guaranteed job and she keeps putting it off.

    And thats when she told me to “F**K off and leave if i didnt like it” THEN she complained to the OWNER Josh ‘who is the biggest most arrogant C**T you will ever meet and told him I MADE HER CRY!

    GIVE OVER…Now, i am not a trouble maker at all and If this review stops ONE person from going to this hell hole then atleast my message has reached someone!!!!…


    Josh took it upon himself to humiliate me in front of all the other workers and tells me to ‘pack up my sh*t and leave. no one speaks to his workers like that bla bla bla F**k off’


    Baring in mind I never even swore at her. (because there was no need to be rude) But Josh has no problem with telling you that you are a C**t.


    He is DISGUSTING…. And do you know what…I found out from AARON (kristie Husband) that Lazy Lizard hardly ever get any work because all the farmers in the town HATE THE OWNER JOSH because he is that much of a rude, horrible, arrogant guy who thinks the sun shines out from his ass.


    I managed to get a job elsewehere from my bf with the original farmer I was supposed to go with when i was supposed to ‘start’ on the Monday. and do you know what she told me… That Kristie the manager had asked her if she would take any girls for working and the farmer said no as pretty heavy lifting..



    Complete Liars who just want your money!!!  Biggest waste of time. Go somewhere else to do your visa days because they dont give a sh*t at lazy lizards and it should be shut down!


    Josh thinks he can rule everyone at the hostel and if you have a car and its broken NEVER LET HIM FIX IT. 7/7 people who had their cars fixed there broke again and his supposed to be a mechanic. He will kick you out if you dont get him to fix your car. COMPLETE WA**ER If i could give this ZERO start rating that wouldnt be low enough!


    Josh is also known for trying it on with the females and asking them to sleep with him so STAY AWAY from this place because it will give you NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!!!


    So dont even look at any ads from LAZY LIZARD LODGE in AYR QLD because trust me they are just LIARS!!!


    Hi Daniel, thanks for sharing your story!

    It’s sounds like you been through a bit of a nightmare up there.

    I did two fruit picking seasons up in Bowen myself but I never encountered any trouble like this. But i did not live or work for a hostel. I found work on my own and stayed at Rose Bay Caravan Park and had one of the best times of my life. But you could always hear peoples sharing stories about dodgy hostels or employers. Thanks again for sharing your story.

    Have anyone else experienced anything good/bad while staying at LAZY LIZARD LODGE in AYR QLD?


    G’day Daniel,

    As Freddie said, sounds like an absolute nightmare! It would be great to hear some more stories.



    joe perakovic

    Seems like you have it in for someone there! I know for a fact that its the best place to stay in Ayr the management does its best to find work but sometimes the farmers change their minds about when they will start picking which stuffs everyone up



    Hello everyone. Thank you for share the story because I just contacted them today and I was thinking about going to this place. Thanks good I have discovered your message. Guys I need to find a second year visa job as soon as possible as I am in a hurry. 4 days ago the goverment created a new law which allows people with my visa to apply for second year but I have no time so I am in a hurry. Does anyone knows a farm where they need workers? Does anyone have phones or emails from farmers? Does anyone can help me please??? I will apreciate all kind of help. Thank you so much!


    Maria, you can check out the Jobs Section ( for active offers across Australia. You can find both onsite offers, along with 3rd party offers as well. Its free to apply for any job. Go through this article –

    On a side note, the above review is an 3 yrs old one, things could have changed at the place, like change in management/staff & so forth, you could search around for latest reviews of them if anyone has posted them around.

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