2014 Adventure Travel Awards Review


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As you may know the 2014 Adventure Travel Awards were held on Friday November the 7th in Sydney which Fruit Picking Jobs was nominated for Best National Employment Service in Australia. It was great to be there amongst industry peers, talking about our service and discussing what we can best do to create the best offering for you guy and of course find out if we won the award.   The Results   There were 33,000 votes cast from 11,000 tourists voting for over 350 businesses across New Zealand & Australia. Thanks to votes from you guys we were awarded Read more

5 Bars You Should Visit in Adelaide this Weekend



Travelling through Adelaide? Doing fruit picking in the Hills and chasing a weekend of beer and fun? Here’s a list of 5 bars you should visit this weekend. So if it’s beer, cocktails, or just a late night of dancing and cheap drinks this must read list has it all.     5) Bank Street Social   With all the lovely cocktail bars opening around Adelaide, Bank Streetg Social is living up to the hype. Serving heaps of local beer, wine and spirits, Bank Street Street Social offers the dancefloor for all the aspiring Dany Zuko’s of the world, as Read more

10 Facts you didn’t know about Australia



Australia is such a beautiful and diverse country, apart from finding a fruit picking job there’s plenty of other things you can discover. Here’s 10 things you probably don’t know about the land down under.   Did you know that,   1) There are approximately 75 million sheep, 60 million Kangaroos, 28 million cattle and 25 million people in Australia. 2) More than 85% of Australians live within 50km of the coast 3) Melbourne has the 2nd Largest Greek Population in the world. ( Second to Athens) 4) 21 of the 25 deadliest snakes in the world are found in Read more

Russian Trade Embargo Changes Job Landscape



  Russia has imposed a “full embargo” on food imports from Australia . This full list includes an embargo on all imports of beef, pork, fruit and vegetable produce, poultry, fish, cheese, milk and dairy products from Australia but also Canada, Norway, United States and the European Union. While most people who get their 2nd year visa do fruit picking or harvest work, many find themselves on beef and cattle farms.   What’s it Worth?   As a result of this embargo Australian farmers will feel it, beef exports to Russia were worth $159 million in 2013,live animals excluding seafood Read more

Farm Work Ombudsman Steps In

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It’s becoming wide spread across the industry that Fruit Pickers and Working Holiday Makers are becoming more tolerant of working conditions particurlay ones that are trying to get the “88 days” of specified work for their second Working Holiday Visa. The Fair Work Ombudsman is cracking down on the exploitation of working holiday makers and fruit pickers on the 417 visas.   What the Ombudsman Said   The Ombudsman, Natalie James was quoted saying “The thing that really caught our eye was a couple of years ago, in 2011/12, we recovered around $67,000 for people working under these arrangements, and Read more

Legislation Could Change Fruit Picking Jobs Landscape



With new legislation forcing job seekers on the Dole to apply for 40 positions per month we could see a huge increase in the number of Northern Territorian’s that are completing fruit picking or harvest work. Many people are not happy with these new requirements, especially in smaller regional areas where the job possibilities are limitied. Harder to Find Jobs?   The flow on affects could be enormous with many Working Holiday makers each year trying to complete their 88 days of specified work to obtain their second working holiday visa. This could further tighten the noose around an already Read more

Gatton Imperial Hotel to become Massive Backpackers


Set for a reported 1.7 million dollar makeover the Gatton Imperial Hotel is set to become a backpacker hostel that will service, travellers, working holiday makers and harvest workers that need accommodation in the area for short and long periods of time. Mr Eskander Alokaily, a local business was quoted saying “As Australia’s premier food growing region, the Lockyer Valley has a large number of transient worker; and the longer they stay, the more they spend money locally which is a great boost for local tourism and businesses,” “There will be increased job opportunities throughout the construction phase and again Read more

Don’t Get Scammed!


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Almost every week here at FruitPickingJobs.com.au we recive emails from working holiday makers that have been scammed by someone pretending to be a employer via sites like Gumtree. These emails have arrived in our inbox on a regular basis since we started Fruit Picking Jobs back in 2011. In fact, this is an email we received 19 minutes ago by a couple from sweden:   Hi Fruit Picking Jobs,   A few days ago we found out that we had gotten a job we had searched through “Gumtree” in Toowoomba (QLD). A job with 6 day work 10 hours a Read more

Wicked Campers, too Wicked?


If you’ve travelled down the east coast you would have surely seen one of the many Wicked camper van rentals that are sure too grab your attention with their bold statements. Some are parked outside of hostels or even camping sites. Well now there’s more then 100,000 people that think Wicked have taken it a step too far, with a petition that has been forwarded to the Australian Senate. The Van with Slogan …”..In every princess there is a little sl*t who wants to just try it once…** What do you think, have you encountered any of these vans while Read more

Cyclone Ita: Wipes Out Farm


  An 80 hectare property in Hope Vale, north of Cooktown, were toppled when Ita made landfall as a category four cyclone near the town on Friday night. Late Friday night just north of Cooktown, an 80 hectare banana farm in Hope vale has been wiped out by cyclone Ita. Various reports are suggesting different damage bills but we’ve heard the bill could reach the million dollar mark. Hope Vale Mayor Greg McLean was quoted saying ” theorchard, which was expected to produce 100,000 cartons of Cavendish bananas this year, had employed 30-40 workers in a region plagued by unemployment. Read more