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Most people simply pass through Rainbow Beach on their way to Fraser Island, and to be honest, I did the same. But now, having had a second chance to spend a gorgeous 24hrs in this stunning coastal town, I can certainly recommend stopping there for a bit longer!

Here’s my top tips when it comes to spending a great day in this gorgeous coastal town.

8. Enjoy a Classic Aussie Lunch at the Rainbow Beach Surf Club

Occupying the best spot in town, the Rainbow Beach Surf Club really is the only place to enjoy lunch or an afternoon drink. Take in the gorgeous surrounds from the balcony that overlooks the beach and don’t forget your camera!

7. Take a Fishing Boat Out

You’re sure to catch a big one with an awesome fishing excursion from Rainbow Beach. Taking you out to some classic reef catching spots, expect to snare bass and snappers, among others.

Cars on Rainbow Beach

6. Practice for Fraser Island, by Driving Along Rainbow Beach

Taking a drive along Rainbow Beach, really is one of those novelty things. After all, it’s not since about 1960 that cars were allowed on the beach anywhere else, was it?! Driving along the beach at Rainbow is also good practice for nearby Fraser Island where, believe me, the sand is soft and the corners sharper!

5. Swim at the Beach of Course!

You can’t very well come to Rainbow and not enjoy the beach can you! This spot will be a welcome relief to those who are sick of being pummelled by Australia’s east coast waves, as things are a lot more sheltered and gentle here – phew (sorry surfers!) The sand is gorgeous and starts right at the end of the main street – you can’t miss it!

4. Visit the Coloured Sands

One of the top free attractions at Rainbow Beach is the coloured sands, which extend along the beach from the sand dune cliffs down to the ocean below. They are formed by layers of sediment in the sand becoming exposed due to coastal winds.

In order to visit these cliffs, you need to walk a fair distance along the beach or drive to them. Otherwise, you can just enjoy them from afar where the colours really stand out. Whichever way you seem them however, these dunes make for a stunning spectacle.

3. Skydive Rainbow

What better way to enjoy the fantastic colours of this area, then from above?! Sky diving over Rainbow Beach has to be one of the most spectacular experiences and landing on the beach at the end is a fitting finale!

2. Horse Ride Along the Beach

Suitable for riders of all abilities and ages, horse riding along the beautiful Rainbow Beach has to be one of the best things to do here! Take in the gorgeous colours of the ocean, the coloured sands and Fraser Island beyond, as you even get the chance to spot whales at the right time of the year!

1. Surf the Carlo Sandblow

Sloping right down to the beach on one side and leafy green of the town on the other, surfing Carlo Sandblow is quite simply, amazing! From just rolling down the sides of the dune to grabbing one of the old cardboard pieces left by others, you could easily make a free board and join in! Carlo Sandblow is also the most killer sunset-watching spot, so head here in the late afternoon to catch it in the best light.

So there you have it, the 8 best things to do at Rainbow Beach. Oh, and of course there’s always nearby Fraser Island to visit too!

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Stephanie Parker / Big World Small Pockets

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