are a large multinational company, with offices world wide they’ve been preparing tax returns for 15 years now. The company has ver 23 offices worldwide, 6 in Australia and prepare over 130,000 tax returns every year. They offer 24/7 live online chat so matter what time you can be in contact with someone.




Office Location

Taxback has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Perth,Brisbane & Darwin. So regardless of where you are, you can get into an office. Don’t stress though, if you’re not near an office the entire process can be done online.



Taxback tradiotionally charge a % based fee, after big discussions with their team we managed to get them to introduce an offer for members.Basically your TaxReturn Fee is capped at $159, therefore if your return is $2500, most firms will charge you 10% of that, so you’ll save $90 using Taxback.

No Refund ,No Fee
Returns up to $1000 Cost is $99,
Returns of $1101 to $1767 Cost is 9%,
Returns above $1767 Cost is $159.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask the team at Taxback.



There’s no upfront cost involved, will take their fee out after your Tax Refund has arrived.


Bank Transfers charge $15 for local Australian Bank Transfers and $45 for International Bank Transfers.


Our Review are probably the biggest international player in the backpackers Tax market, they have over 600 staff spread over 23 offices, with 5 offices in Australia, now that’s impressive. Their 24/7 customer service and multiple offices give them a great presence in the market and the ability to deal with big quantities of tax returns both online and in person. Pricing wise they are competitive but definitely not the cheapest, the value there fore lies in utilising members only offers from our site which will save you $90 off your tax return.

The great thing about the $159 cap is that once your refund hits over $1767 you’ll pay no more, with other backpacker tax agents you could be stuck paying over $275 to get your return completed.



Taxback are the tax all rounder you could say, they have offices across Australia, making physical lodgement easy Australia wide as well as a host of online support options available 24/7. Their fees are much more competitive with the members only offer, this will save you $90 on the average tax return.  We definitely recommend using Taxback if you’re utilising our members only discount offer, the price is much more competitive, as you want pay over $250 to get your return done.


If you’re interested in doing your return with, apply below.