is a community designed to create transparency within the  Fruit Picking and Harvest work sector. Everything you need from finding a job, accomodation reviews, ride shares, an active forum is all under the one roof. It’s free and easy to join and will make your search for fruit picking work that much easier.

Initially Fruit Picking Jobs was set up as a platform for pickers to find jobs and employers to find workers. The project has evolved into so much more, a community where fruit pickers can help each other out, whether it be by finding a job, warning of a scam or cheap flight offer. We understand that the fruit picking journey does not start and end at work. As a fruit picker you’ll need accommodation, transport, fun experiences,travel insurance and this medium is the place to compare, critique and share your opinion on all of these things.

Australia is a big place, so travelling to remote regions can often feel like a gamble, through our hostel reviews we hope to eliminate this feeling and help each member have a more realistic understanding of what to expect. Fruit Picking can be hard work, often poorly paid until you master your trade then you can really earn a buck a too. There’s also non paid fruit picking opportunities, through initiatives such as WWOOF’in and HelpX, where you’ll be able to work for in exchange for accommodation and food. We encourage all members to research as many options as possible and to share experiences good or bad.

If you have any questions or what to get in contact with the team, drop as line via the contact form.