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    VIN decoder & Lookup
    The VIN code is the main and convenient way to identify a particular car. VIN is translated only as “vehicle identification number” (from English “vehicle identification number”). It usually consists of 17 characters, among which there are numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet. This number is assigned by the manufacturer during the production of the car and does not change throughout the life of the vehicle.
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    VIN is not just a set of numbers and letters. It contains all the information necessary for identification about the manufacturer, country of manufacture, release date, characteristics of the car. It should also be taken into account when decrypting that VIN never contains Latin I, O, Q. This is specially done so that the user does not confuse them with the numbers 1 and 0.
    This number is indicated in some places of the car – under the windshield, on the threshold of the driver’s door (or on the rack), on the cup of the front shock absorber, on the partition of the engine shield, in other places.
    Usually the VIN is stamped directly on the body, but there are models where this number is stamped on a special plate, which in turn is attached to the car body.

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