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    Safe Holiday


    Have you worked for Eskander Alokaily in Gatton or Stanthorpe?

    Have you received a PAYG summary, signed tax documents or received a real payslip?
    Have you been mistreated, touched or assaulted?
    Have you lived in a dirty place during your employment?
    Have you injured yourself on a farm? (You could be entitled to workers compensation).

    We have been getting information together to help the Australian Government stamp out rotten businesses targeting backpackers.

    So far, we have several ex-employees that have come forward with information relating to Tax Fraud, Immigration Fraud, Health violations and general assault/sexual assault. The work we are doing is still ongoing. Whilst we have enough information to gain prosecution and imprisonment of Eskander, we would really like to expose more before doing so.

    If your complaint is about someone else, please tell us!
    We have several files open regarding different businesses.

    This all started after a few backpackers alerted us to possible criminal activity. Once we looked further, we were shocked at what we found.

    We can keep your privacy for as long as we legally can, should you wish to remain unidentified.
    However, we need more people willing to testify in court. Can you help the next backpacker thinking about working in Australia?

    The news media has picked up one story. It is here:

    Hopefully someone can remember :)

    Please email:

    We don’t offer employment or accommodation, we are a group that believes backpackers should have the right to fair treatment.

    Admin: If this somehow violates your rules, please contact us directly.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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