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    How Python works.
    After the code is written, it should be processed by the Python interpreter. What is processing?
    To do this, the interpreter must be installed on your computer. In general , code processing takes place in four stages:
    The program is read by the parser and the vocabulary is analyzed. Where parser is a syntax analyzer. The result is a set of tokens for further processing.
    Then the parser generates the structure from the instructions and forms the parsing tree — AST.
    After that, the compiler converts the AST into bytecode and gives it to the interpreter for execution.
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    The interpreter executes all the instructions passed to it line by line.
    A program in python is often called a script or script.
    All information on code processing can be found in the Python documentation in the public domain.
    Python syntax.
    In order to make it easier for programmers to work with Python, a fairly simple syntax was invented. I will give the basic principles.
    The end of the line indicates the end of the instruction. There is no need to specifically designate a semicolon or some other characters;
    In order to separate nested blocks from each other, indentation is used using tabs. As a rule, these are four spaces;
    The main instruction ends with a colon. After it, a nested instruction or a block with an indentation of four spaces is located under the line.
    There are still some special cases that are better considered separately.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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