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    A selection of multimedia editing software
    How to start video editing training?
    From theory. Before starting the installation, two critical points should be taken into account:
    First, the viewer values his time and if he came to see, for example, how to grow flowers, then he is not at all interested in the video blogger’s pets or his health.
    A selection of multimedia editing software
    And secondly, the picture must be connected and have a certain level of content. The video must be mounted in such a way that the viewer sees a complete narrative, not fragments. That is, for example, in one frame the participant of the video talks about the buds, in another about the roots, and in the third he returns to the buds again. This confuses, and at the same time scares away the viewer.
    The video must have a clear structure: the screen saver, the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. At each stage, the viewer should see the call: “This is important!”.
    Another critical moment for inexperienced users in these matters is the choice of software.
    Which program should I choose to create videos?
    Beginners do not need to buy and install professional products to learn the basics. You should start with something simple, otherwise you will have to spend the lion’s share of time studying complex tools. A multi-volume manual will discourage anyone from creating. There are enough products on the Internet for aspiring directors and clip makers.

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