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Surrounded by picturesque national parks Stanthorpe is home to some of Queensland best wineries. At an altitude of 1000m metres it can get pretty cold so pack for all weather conditions. Theres heaps of fruit picking work available, check below.

Population: Approx 4,500

Fruit Picking Work Stanthorpe

January to April - Grapes
January to May - Capsicums, tomatoes, Apples, pears
May to August - Vine & stonefruit pruning
June to September - Apples, pear thinning
September to November - Stonefruit thinning
October to May - Vegetables
November to January - Apples, pear thinning & Stonefruit( March)

Fruit Picking Jobs in Stanthorpe

Fruit Picking Jobs in Queensland

Where’s Stanthorpe

Getting There

From the Gold Coast the Cunningham Highway will get you to Stanthorpe in 3.5hrs, while the drive from Brissy is only 3hrs. There are also daily coach services departing from Brissy to Stanthorpe which is great. Once arrived in Stanthorpe the issue is the lack of public transport, so having a car will be handy if your not residing on the farm.

Staying on the farm is a great option, otherwise there are 4 hostels in Stanthorpe and about 4 caravan parks as well. If you need a break from hostels, we’ve heard some motels offer special holiday rates for seasonal workers! Try it!

Not Fruit Picking – What to do?

If you like drinking wine you’re in the right place, the region around Stanthorpe boast over 30-40 wineries! So you can drink till your hearts content! Otherwise try the beautiful national parks, great for bush walking and scenic views. So popular activities include, cycling, kayakingm mountain biking, off road driving, rock climbing, and don’t forget the animal and birdwatching!

Extending Your Australian Working Holiday Visa

Many harvest jobs will meet the Second Australian Working Holiday Visa eligibility and count towards the 88 days of specified work. Some regional locations and jobs are ineligible which could lead to the Department of Immigration rejecting your application. So remember to confirm whether or not your fruit picking or harvest job will count towards the Second Australian WHV.


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