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Tasmania’s second largest city, Launceston is located approximately 200km north of Hobart. A gateway to the beautiful wineries of the Tamar Valley, the town is home to an array of wonderful Victorian style buildings. History aside, Launceston boasts holds the record as the first Australian city to be lit by hydroelectricity and to have underground sewers.


Population: Approx 100,000
Fruit Picking Work in Launceston

February to May - Apples
March to May - Grapes
July to August - Vine pruning

Fruit Picking Jobs in Launceston

Fruit Picking Jobs in Tasmania

Where’s Launceston

Getting There

Launceston is a 2 hours drive north of Hobart, regular bus services also operate along the route. Flights from the mainland operate daily to Launceston.


There’s plenty of accommodation options for harvest workers in Launceston which include hostels,hotels and caravan parks. Some farms will provide basic dorm style accommodation for harvesters or will accommodate fruit pickers with camper vans or camping equipment.

Not Fruit Picking – What to do?

  • Visit the Queen Victoria Musuem and Art Gallery
  • Check out the Penny Royal World

Extending Your Australian Working Holiday Visa

Many harvest jobs will meet the Second Australian Working Holiday Visa eligibility and count towards the 88 days of specified work. Some regional locations and jobs are ineligible which could lead to the Department of Immigration rejecting your application. So remember to confirm whether or not your fruit picking or harvest job will count towards the Second Australian WHV.


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  1. Michael

    I am very interested in getting a job as a fruit picker, no matter what the fruit. If there was a way I could contact an employer so I could make sure I had the job before traveling to Tasmania, it would be very helpful..


  2. joseph barbadillo

    i am very welling as a job fruit picker im hardworking fast 4 years ago i planting and harvest fruit like melon, water melon, corn etc..that’s why im familiar for this kind of work. but im welling to under go training to be knowledgeable enough for that kind of service im waiting this appurtunity thank you very much.


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